Fig Tree Form (and Envy!)

Here's a tree in training. Pat trains branches horizonally, tying some temporarily to pieces of wood.I’ve got a case of fig-tree envy!

I’ve recently been in touch with Pat, a fellow fig addict in Ajax, Ontario.  

Pat sent me pictures of how he forms his fig plants into small, well-proportioned trees. Wow! Mine are sloppy by comparison.

Pat grows his figs in a tree form, instead of a multi-stemmed bush. (I like the tree form too, as it allows me to fit more plants into my garage!)

Pat doesn’t just prune to have one main trunk: he also encourages side branches to grow horizontally.

Making branches grow horizontally is common in commercial fruit-tree orchards because it encourages fruiting and allows air and light into the plant canopy.

Thanks Pat, having seen what you do, I’m motivated to focus on form. Beautiful!