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Grow Gardeners. Kid-Tested Gardening with Children

No Guff Press, 2015

By Emma Biggs + Steven Biggs, Illustrated by Emma Biggs

If you ever felt it was impossible to do yard work, grow a garden, and teach kids how to garden, this book is for you.

In four steps—Playing, Exploring, Collecting, and Growing—my nine-year-old daughter, Emma, and I demonstrate how easy it is to encourage young green-thumbs.

This book is fun for both children and adults. Emma did the illustrations and captions. I wrote and took pictures.

Click here to visit my daughter Emma's blog and get more ideas about gardening with children.

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Grow Figs Where You Think You Can't

No Guff Press, 2012

By Steven Biggs

In this book, a Fig Pig (me!) who lives in a coldish climate, shares his passion for figs so that others in fig-unfriendly places can see that growing this fabulous fruit isn’t rocket science.

Tips, techniques, and anecdotes—along with the insights of fig experts in North America and the UK—make fig growing easy for people who live in places where they think they can’t grow figs.

Click here to go to my fig website and learn more about figs and the book Grow Figs Where You Think You Can't.

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No Guff Vegetable Gardening

No Guff Press, 2011

By Steven Biggs and Donna Balzer

I co-wrote this vegetable gardening book with Calgary horticulturist Donna Balzer. Our goal was a fun, practical, and opinionated book. We got it. Slightly irreverent, this graphic-novel-meets-gardening-book empowers readers to make their own decisions in the vegetable garden because Donna and I talk frankly about issues…and don’t always agree.

Click here to learn more about No Guff Vegetable Gardening.

The Edible City: Toronto's Food from Farm to Fork

Coach House Books, 2009

Edited by Christina Palassio and Alana Wilcox

A MUST-HAVE FOR FOOD LOVERS, essays in this book cover a wide array of food-related subjects including urban vegetable gardens, growing figs, vegetarians, the Ontario Food Terminal, and craft beer.

I wrote a chapter about the food-processing industry in Toronto.

Click here to learn more about The Edible City: Toronto's Food from Farm to Fork.

No Nonsense Vegetable Gardening

St. Lynn's Press, 2012

By Steven Biggs and Donna Balzer

For American gardeners, Donna and I collaborated with St. Lynn's Press to write No Nonsense Vegetable Gardening. It has the same fun, opinionated, slightly irreverent approach as No Guff Vegetable Gardening. Graphic novel meets gardening.

If you're in the USA, click here to buy the American edition,
No Nonsense Vegetable Gardening, published by St. Lynn's Press.

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