Dreaming of 1000 Tomatoes

Last year my tomato plants produced over 700 tomatoes which gave me the idea to set an even higher goal this year: 1,000 tomatoes!

In 2015 I grew about 20 plants, so with 30 plants in 2016, I bet I can make my goal.

I don’t know how I’m going to fit all 20-30 tomato plants in my backyard with a black walnut tree and so many other crops to grow. (Did you know a tomato can die if there is a black walnut tree nearby?) I might ask my grandfather to use some of his backyard and give him some of the harvest.

My dad said we can grow some tomatoes on our garage roof. And maybe a few in pots on the driveway.

A neighbour up the street from us grows 100 tomato plants with a yard less than half the size of ours, so I know I can do it!

My Favourites

Last year we ate most of the tomatoes fresh, but some we turned into tomato sauce and some we left in our basement to ripen. We just finished our last couple of fresh tomatoes in a bruschetta a couple of days ago. Yes, in March! The winter tomato is THE tomato that will last you all winter long. A few ripen in the fall and any that are not ripe you just leave in a cool spot to ripen.

One of my absolute favourites is Canadian Sunset. It is a great big yellow beefsteak tomato. Another favourite is Tiger Tom. It’s a really great producer, has great flavour, and cool colours.

This year I am really excited about growing the Paul Robeson tomato. It’s supposed to have a very unique spicy flavour.

Shopping for Tomato Seeds and Plants?

On May 21, 22, and 23 there is an heirloom tomato plant sale called Tomato Days at Tree and Twig Farm in Wellandport, Ontario. I love this sale!  

If you’re in Toronto, there is a Seedy Sunday at Evergreen Brickworks on Sunday March 20 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m..

A few weeks ago I was at a Seedy Saturday and I got lots of seed from Colette at Urban Harvest seeds. She has a great sections of seed, from lemon cucumbers to cinnamon basil and pineapple tomato.

What’s your goal? 1000 tomatoes? 200 cucumbers? Maybe 20 pumpkins?

Winter tomatoes in October, picked before the first frost.

Winter tomatoes in October, picked before the first frost.

I LOVE tomatoes!

I LOVE tomatoes!