Foodscaping, Backyard Orchards, Growing Figs

Our first guest is Brie Arthur, a horticulturist, foodscaping expert, and author of The Foodscape Revolution. Foodscaping is about making the most of the square footage that is available.

Brie Arthur , foodscaping expert

Brie Arthur, foodscaping expert

Ross Raddi , urban orchardist and fig expert

Ross Raddi, urban orchardist and fig expert

Brie is a passionate advocate of local food production and producing food in our landscapes. Her goal is to change the way landscapes are designed and managed by planting edibles in traditional ornamental landscapes. Brie’s training as a horticulturist and previous work as a grower and a propagator give her some neat insights and an understanding of why things might or might not work in the garden.

Our next guest, Ross Raddi, is a 27-year-old backyard millennial orchardist from the Philadelphia area. Ross’ goal is to grow tasty food that’s hard to find at the store and that is not supposed to grow in his area.

His backyard orchard is home to pomegranate, persimmon, pawpaw, mulberry, honeyberry, and more.

One of Ross’ favourite fruits is the fig. He shares tips for fig-growing in his humid, cold climate. Find Ross’ fruit-growing videos on his @RossRaddi YouTube channel. His podcast is called FruitTalk.