Herbs’N Hens: Year-Round Herbs, Urban Chickens, Cooking Figs + Tomatoes

Conrad Richter from  Richters Herbs

Conrad Richter from Richters Herbs

Our first guest is Conrad Richter from Richters Herbs in Goodwood, Ontario. We will discuss what to do with herbs that don’t like being in a warm house for the winter, but are not hardy when left outdoors. (Maybe he can give Steven pointers on not killing his rosemary plant every winter!)

Then we will talk about herbs that do well in the house over the winter.

Emma’s mint garden 20+ plant mint garden was inspired by a visit to Richters Herbs!

Visit the Ricthers website for the video series, called Herbs TV with great videos on lots of herb-related topics. You will find Steven in a couple of the episodes, sharing tips about how to grow figs and how to grow brugmansias.

Our second guest is author, storyteller, and chef-turned-writer Signe Langford. Signe will tell us all about urban chickens and share tips from her fantastic book, Happy Hens and Fresh Eggs: Keeping Chickens in the Kitchen Garden.

We met Signe when she wrote an article for Toronto Life about the underground world of backyard chicken growers. Look at the pictures in the article and guess which one is Steven!

For our Biggs-on-Figs and Tomato-Talk segments, Signe will share lots of fantastic ideas for using figs and tomatoes in the kitchen.

Signe’s Fig Recipes: To get you started, here are Signe’s recipes for FRESH FIG OLIVE OIL ANISE CAKE and MAPLE-ROASTED FIGS WITH WALNUTS, BACON & TAHINI.