Edible Flowers, Rogue Gardeners, Container Tomatoes, Community Fig Orchard

Edible Flowers

In the first half of the show we talk with Pittsburgh horticulturist and author Denise Schreiber, author of the delicious book Eat Your Roses. Denise not only eats flowers, but she cooks with them too. Nasturtium-flower lasagna, calendula-corn muffins, rose petal ice cream. Yum!

Rogue Gardeners

In the second half of the show we chat with Toronto author and garden-boundary pusher Lorraine Johnson. Lorraine will share stories of "rogue gardeners," gardeners who push the boundaries of convention—sometimes running into trouble—but sometimes changing values about what is acceptable. Two of Lorraine’s focus areas are native plants and urban agriculture. Lorraine is the editor of the new third edition of the Canadian Gardener’s Guide.

In the Biggs-on-Figs segment, Steven chats with Jack Spruill of Spruill Farm in North Carolina about the community fig orchard on his farm.

In Emma’s Tomato Talk segment, she checks in with garden expert Jessica Walliser of SavvyGardeing.com about her top tomato variety recommendations for containers.