Grow Chilies, Backyard Foraging, Tomatoes Remixed, Greehouse Figs

Chili Peppers

In the first half of the show we chat with pepper expert Claus Nader, owner of East York Chile Peppers in Toronto, Ontario.

Claus’ specialty is growing peppers in containers. He grows specialty peppers, saves seeds, and makes hot sauces, pickled peppers, jams, salsas, and dehydrated peppers.

Backyard Foraging

In the second half of the show we chat with foraging expert Ellen Zachos from Sante Fe, NM. Ellen is the author of Backyard Foraging: 65 Familiar Plants You Didn’t Know You Could Eat, and The Wildcrafted Cocktail. Ellen splits her foraging time between the desert southwest and the northeast.

In the Biggs-on-Figs segment, Steven chats with greenhouse operator John Biberich from Wolfcreek Farms in Grove City Pennsylvania. John and his wife Sue grow figs and citrus in the greenhouses where they used to grow bedding plants.

In Emma’s Tomato Talk segment, she speaks with vegetable gardening expert Niki Jabbour about some of the neat tomato varieties that she features in her inspiring book Veggie Garden Remix.