Compost-Powered Hot Tub, Urban Micro-Farm Program

Microbe-Powered Hot Tubs

Our first guest is a big proponent of firing up the soil using compost. We learned about Tom Bartel’s work when we stumbled on his video about using microbial activity to heat a hot tub.

Tom gardens in the high desert of Colorado, at an elevation of 6,500’. His growing season is only about 130 days, but from his 1300 square foot garden, he harvests over 1,000 pounds of produce every year.

Tom is a garden educator who shares his techniques on his website, Grow Food Well.

Inspiring Ag in the City

In the second half of the show, we chat with Ryan Cullen, the field supervisor at Durham College. He oversees a diverse market garden that includes fruit, small fruit, cut flowers, field vegetables, greenhouse vegetables, and microgreens. Ryan is a passionate advocate of small-scale, organic farming, and works to inspire a new generation of farmers.

The on-campus farm is part of Durham College’s Food and Farming program, which focuses on urban and small-scale agriculture and has a field-to-fork philosophy. Located on a former industrial site, the farm produces a variety of vegetables and fruits to supply the on-campus restaurant, Bistro 67.