Protecting In-Ground Figs: Door Method

Alberto with one of his in-ground fig trees.

Alberto with one of his in-ground fig trees.

I love visiting other gardeners because I come home with new ideas.

Last week I visited Toronto-area fig enthusiast Alberto.

Alberto grows figs in pots, but says that he likes in-ground trees best because they get big…and that means more figs.

I agree: more is better!

He’s made protecting the trees as simple as possible using old doors. “The neighbours must wonder what I’m doing when I take old doors I see in the garbage,” he says with a laugh.

He attached a sheet of foam insulation to one side of the door. In late fall, he bends the trees to the ground, and simply lays the foam-backed door atop the plant. It’s enough protection in his zone.

I asked how he deals with larger branches that are difficult to bend. Alberto says that he hammers a metal rod into the ground, and then secures uncooperative branches to it.