In-Ground Fig...Nice 'N Big

Adriano beside Desert King fig that overwinters in the ground, bent and covered with an A-frame.Thinking of growing an in-ground fig, but don't want to have to dig a trench to bury it? Here's another approach to overwintering figs if you're in zone that's too cold for figs to survive unprotected:

Last week, my boys and I stopped by Adriano's for a visit--and too see how his fig plants are doing. His potted trees were outside; still dormant, but buds swelling nicely.

Adriano also has a big in-ground Desert King fig, which he says has been there for about 40 years. And he doesn't bury it. Instead, he grows it as a multi-stemmed bush, cutting out stems that become too big and, therefore, less flexible.

When winter comes, he bends over the branches, and then places an insulated A-frame (made from wood and styrofoam) over the top.