Hiding Pots with Potted Figs


Trench for potted figs. Once backfilled with mulch, the pots and the boards lining the trench will not show.I sink my potted fig plants part way into the ground so that they can root into the surrounding soil. This prevents plants from tipping over in the wind, and allows them to scavenge food and nutrients from the soil.

Equally importantly, sinking the pots helps to hide them!

But digging holes for the pots every year is a lot of work. And...I want the pots completely out of sight. 

So this year, I've made a permanent trench. After I put the potted fig plants into the trench, I'll simply backfill with wood chips or bark. 


  • Pots are below grade and completely hidden under mulch
  • Pots will stay cooler and dry out more slowly
  • In autumn, wood chips are easy to remove when it's time to remove the trees for indoor storage

Stay tuned...I'll report back on how well this works this autumn.