Fig Breba Crop

Fig breba crop

Fig breba crop

The early fig crop (which, here in Toronto, starts to ripen in July) forms on wood from the previous year. It is called the "breba" crop.  ("Main" crop figs form on wood from the current year, in late summer.)

Some fig varieties produce both breba and main-crop figs, but not all of them give both crops. And...some varieties give an especially heavy breba crop.

If you're like me and don't like to wait until late summer to start gobbling up figs, get a fig plant that gives a heavy breba crop, like the plant in the accompanying photo. 

(Fig growers in the pacific northwest often grow varieties with good breba production because they don't always have enough summer heat to ripen a lot of main-crop figs.)

Of course...I also want varieties with a good main-crop production, which it how I justify having multiple fig plants!