No Guff Vegetable Gardening
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No Guff Vegetable Gardening

A Canadian favourite!

A Calgary grandmother and Toronto dad—both horticulturists—put a practical spin on vegetable gardening in this engaging, down-to-earth book.

There’s more than one way to garden—and they give all the basics, along with their own favourite tips and tricks. And they don’t always agree.

By Donna Balzer and Steven Biggs
Price: $26.95
Page count: 160
Full colour throughout
Pictures and illustrations
ISBN - 978-0-9868144-0-2
No Guff Press, 2011

“Occasionally in a librarian’s life (retired or otherwise), a book will arrive that causes immediate bibliomania. A book that is so different, so appealing, and upon reading it, so completely perfect, that it must be shown with great excitement to everyone who loves books.”
— Gabriola Sounder, March 2011
“Energy emanates from this book, which seems odd since it’s about growing vegetables.”
— Toronto Star, March 2011
“This is a colourful, wildly whimsical book about gardening! …Every single page bursts with information and fun design. The stated goal of the book is ‘To empower gardeners with practical, No Guff gardening advice.’ Mission accomplished.”
— Urban Farm Magazine, March 2012
“If you are a new gardener and want to know when, why or what to plant, this is a terrific book, and it’s also a handy reference book for more experienced gardeners. The ‘he-said’ and ‘she said is very clever; yes, there is more than one answer to any question”
— Globe and Mail, April 2011
“With a knack for combining wit and knowledge, Balzer and Biggs take a he-says/she-says approach to sharing insights about growing vegetables in a format that also pokes fun at common garden misconceptions—or, as they like to say, guff.”
— Toronto Sun, April 2012

So What’s this book about?

It’s just a very practical, fun approach to vegetable gardening. Two authors—Donna and Steve—collaborate on an useful guide to vegetable gardening.