In the book Grow Figs Where You Think You Can't, I set out to help people grow figs where they think they can't. I explain how varied figs can be, and I also tell readers not to sweat variety names. Named varieties are great if you're a collector, but if you're getting started, worry more about what grows well in your area.

Here's what I say in the book:

Don’t Fret About Named Fig Varieties

I teased my friend Bob about being an orchid snob. He loves growing orchids, so I offered him one that I was given as a gift. “What’s the variety name?” he enquired. When I said that it was unnamed, he was aghast and would have nothing to do with it.

Don’t be a fig snob. I stupidly bought a fig from a nursery, and saw that the tag said “Higo,” which I assured myself was the variety name. I speak French, not Spanish, so of course I had no idea that “higo” simply means fig in Spanish. All I was buying was a fig with a label that said fig in Spanish. Oops! I was mortified to have this unnamed fig in my midst…yet over time it’s proven to be one of my most fruitful trees. So I’ve decided not to be a fig snob.

If you’re keener than I am, you can review published scientific literature describing fruit and leaves and growth habit so you can bone up on variety traits. Me, I just want to eat figs!

In the book, I don't list scads of varieties. Instead, I give readers a few varieties that are favoured by experienced fig growers, keeping it simple.

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Grow Figs Where You Think You Can't

No Guff Press, 2012
By Steven Biggs

In this book, a Fig Pig (me!) who lives in a coldish climate, shares his passion for figs so that others in fig-unfriendly places can see that growing this fabulous fruit isn’t rocket science.

Tips, techniques, and anecdotes, along with the insights from other fig growers, make fig growing easy for people who live in places where they think they can’t grow figs.

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