Husking Walnuts Simplified (and Fun!)


Talking about edibles in the urban landscape, and black walnuts.I enjoyed talking about Edibles in the Urban Landscape at the Stratford Garden Festival last weekend.

I talked about crop ideas for looks, intrigue, and tight spaces--and also talked about edible things that might already be growing nearby.

One of these already-there crops is black walnuts. I talked about how, the first time I collected them from a neighbours tree and husked them, it was a lot of work, and how my hands were stained afterwards.

After the talk, an audience member came up to tell me a simpler (and kid-friendly) way to husk walnuts. Let the husks start to discolour, and then rake the walnuts into a pile. Next, dress the kids in rubber boots and old clothes, and let them jump on the pile--which causes the husks to come off.

Sounds like a great idea to me--and I hope to test it this summer.