Buffalo Girl

This spring, I sat down to chat about food and farming with Jennifer Bain, a.k.a. The Saucey Lady. Bain, the food editor at the Toronto Star tells stories of food through people; and stories of people through food.

I had to buy a chest freezer when we were dating,” says Jennifer Bain. She pauses while the audience laughs. Then she continues telling us about writing Buffalo Girl Cooks Bison, her latest cookbook. She is Buffalo Girl. Her introduction to bison came when she married Rick, an Alberta bison rancher.

Bain weaves her own stories into the book, just as she does in her talk. The first chapter starts with her photo, in a cowboy hat, looking out over bison grazing on rolling hills. She writes, “We called him Blue Tag 741, for lack of a more personalized name. He was the first bison on our ranch in Alberta that I watched move from field to corral, then slaughter to freezer, and finally stove to stomach.”

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