Toronto's Gerrard India Bazaar

I love the shopping trips that I take for Country Guide magazine. Who would think that writing for a farm magazine would take me to Toronto's Gerrard India Bazaar. But it does:

It’s pretty clear that we don’t exactly know what we’re doing. The shopkeeper, looking through the window, sees our hesitation. He opens the door, looks at us, smiles, and waves us in. “Please come in,” he says.

Not familiar with this stretch of city shops, we had paused to peer in the window of a store called Toronto Cash & Carry. We don’t know where we’re going. We only know that we’ve been told we’ll be glad we made the effort to come here, and that we should be sure to buy the brand of chana masala spice blend that comes in a green box.

We have tried chickpea curry and liked it, and we’ve been thinking of making our own, and apparently this is where we must come for the best ingredients.

Read more of my look at Toronto's India Bazaar in the March 2015 issue of Country Guide magazine.

Tindora, a.k.a. Ivy Gourd from the Indian bazaar

Tindora, a.k.a. Ivy Gourd from the Indian bazaar