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Since my daughter, Emma, and I started filming videos for the From Dirt to Dishes YouTube Channel she shares with her friend Ty, I have a new appreciation for well-produced video. Luckily, Ty’s mom, Jessica, gave me lots of video-related tips in the beginning!

I have to admit that I’m a bit technically challenged, so piecing together video clips with sound, transitions, intros, and outros has been quite a learning curve. It’s fun, though—and it’s great to learn another way to share stories.

As I muddle through this learning curve, I’m paying more attention to what other people do. I was very impressed by Niki Jabbour’s new Get Growing gardening video series.

So I chatted with Niki to find out more. (Niki is also the author of Veggie Garden Remix, The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener, and Groundbreaking Food Gardens.) Through her books, her talks, and her radio show, Niki has a real gift for sharing the delight of gardening. Here’s our chat:

Tell me about the show

As a fellow food gardener, my whole goal is to get people growing food no matter where they live or how much space they have. In my garden, I love to grow a wide range of unique vegetables, which is the subject of the first episode. I share unusual but delicious crops like cucamelons and ground cherries. Future episodes will come out every two weeks for the next few months and then we’ll film more in the spring. In our next episode, I’ll tackle a question I’m asked all the time - what’s the secret to growing great basil?

What inspired you to create your Get Growing series?

I love talking to fellow vegetable gardeners about what they love to grow and how they garden. This series came out of these conversations and hearing what gardeners what to learn more about. Many have small spaces, many face pest pressure, many want to try something new. We’ll tackle these challenges and help them get growing.

What is one of your favourite moments in the first episode?

The team behind this series is a super talented group and we had a blast recording the episodes in my garden. In the first episode, we focus on unique vegetables and it’s always fun to introduce people to unfamiliar crops like snake gourds, cucamelons, and burr gherkins. Everyone wanted to try the vegetables and it was a perfect topic to start with because I think you can tell that we were having a good time.

How much work goes into filming show? Any funny bloopers?

Oh the bloopers! Jonathan Torrens produced and directed the episodes and he is ridiculously talented. He had us all in stitches during filming so the blooper reel would be hilarious. Each episode is between two and five minutes long, and went spent a day in the garden filming the first few episodes with much more work in post-production.

Where can gardeners find the show and get updates about new episodes

Each episode will be posted on my Youtube Channel, as well as on Facebook and We’re also super grateful to Pro-Mix Gardening who has been very supportive of this project.


Get Growing, hosted by Niki Jabbour