Grow Figs: The Book

Winner, 2012 Silver Award of Achievement, Garden Writers Association

Even if You’re in a Coldish Climate!

In this book, a Fig Pig (me) who lives in a coldish climate, shares his passion for figs so that others in fig-unfriendly places can see that growing this fabulous fruit isn’t rocket science.

Tips, techniques, and anecdotes—along with the insights of fig experts in North America and the UK—make fig growing easy for people who live in places where they think they can’t grow figs.

DID YOU KNOW that a fig tree overwintering indoors needs no more care than a potted houseplant? Actually, it needs less, because the fig goes dormant in the winter. Night-night!

“We bought this book for my father-in-law for Christmas... he loves it so much he now wants us to order a copy for his friend.”

Irene, Collingwood, Ontario

"The book is terrific! Smart, informative and funny. It attenuates my 'fig anxiety' with all your practical advice."

Sarah G. Toronto, Ontario

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