Figs Outdoors in Spring

My fig plants here in Toronto are leafing out. And the first crop of figs, the “breba” crop, is underway and should be ready in July.

But...a frost would spoil that breba crop. 

Here's what I say about spring frost and figs in Grow Figs Where You Think You Can't:

In the spring, frost won’t hurt your trees if the buds haven’t broken (meaning leaves and breba figs haven’t started to grow); but if they have, beware!

A frost will probably damage them and may affect your crop.

One year I moved my figs to a sunroom in the spring after they started to grow before I could put them outside. The problem was that I forgot to turn on the heat one night when the temperature dipped below freezing. Those tender new shoots were all frost-bitten the next morning…affecting my breba and main crops.